The Green Heron Bed and Breakfast absolutely had a fantastic summer and early fall and hope all our guests did too! I noticed we haven’t updated our blog since May 7th…my how time flies. In that post we were talking about  “ice-out” .




It won’t be long before we start tracking how deep the ice is, and when it’s safe to get back on it again. Not really in a hurry for that, but it’s coming and we’ll be back out in our skates and skis and snowshoes,  sliding out our fish houses and dropping lines in seeing who’s bitin’ . What a life, right? So you should come join us. Come check out what fun you can have on “top” of the lake, and don’t forget…we’re surrounded by snowmobile trails, hiking and  groomed ski trails. We’ve also got some great shows scheduled to come to the Reif Performing Arts Center as well as some great visits scheduled at the MacRostie Art Center downtown.


me first

Winter is just an excuse to throw on some extra layers and let the playing continue!