What to Expect at a Bed & Breakfast

If you’ve never stayed at a B&B before you may not know how to plan your visit. We’re happy to provide information we think will help you feel more comfortable while here, as well as some suggestions  that we’ve collected from experienced innkeepers.

First of all know that all B&B’s have their own styles, themes, personalities…and that your visit will be different at each one.  Let’s start with some myth busting:

1. B&B’s are more expensive than other area lodging. FALSE

To be competitive, B&B’s have to keep their rates in line with other area lodging opportunities, but cover the expense of owning and maintaining the property and small business. They often build partnerships with other local markets, eateries and service providers to find deals that help them keep costs down, and at the same time help bring people and vitality to their communities. In addition to breakfast and your lodging you usually have free, private parking, complimentary beverages and snacks, books, movies and other entertainment included at no extra charge as well as a lot of pampering and comaraderie of the innkeepers and other guests.

2. To be licensed as a B&B, the building has to be historic. FALSE

Many folks think old and Victorian when they think B&B, and while many are, many are not. B&B’s are often converted homes, sometimes older, sometimes not so old. Some are even built as new construction specifically designed to be a B&B.  Historic  districts are good places to find B&B’s, but so are small towns, working farms and ranches, waterfronts etc. Anywhere you might want to travel to probably has a B&B nearby.

3. You have to share a bathroom. FALSE

That may sometimes be the case, but not often. Just like the individual rooms and a wonderful breakfast, a private, updated bathroom is pretty high on the guest wish list and innkeepers know it. It’s one of the places we spend a lot of money to make your visit worth it.

4. You must socialize with the other guests. FALSE

You may always interact with the other guests or innkeepers as much or as little as you like. The B&B may serve as a home base for you as you visit and explore the area, or can be the destination itself. In either case the amount of time you spend in common dining or social areas is totally up to you. You may be surprised though at how much you have in common with the others at the B&B, and how much you enjoyed each others company, that you may form new friendships and even plan future visits to overlap. This opportunity is part of the charm of a B&B.

5. Innkeepers are too busy to visit or answer questions. FALSE again.

B&B owners do this because they enjoy people and enjoy the opportunity to share information about the area and opportunity to serve as your personal concierge. There may be spurts of very busy times, but our priority is our guests.

That said we won’t hover over you.We will try to gauge how much space or privacy you desire, and will try to help you  achieve it.  We will provide our cell phone numbers so that you can reach us if we’re not readily available.

6. Running a B&B is a hobby. FALSE

Innkeeping, especially with a “staff” of two, is a full time job.  We have dedicated ourselves to what can be considered a 24/7  job. We do this because we love people, what we are doing and have something we want to share with others. Having you as our guest validates our love of humanity.  Having said that, as that “staff” of two, there is no shortage of work. Serving as chef, gardener, housekeeper, maintenance  and mechanic, as well as shopping, maintaining the books, reservations and room preps. require organization and scheduling.  Showing up during check-in hours is important for ensuring someone will be around to welcome you. (don’t forget, in our case there is also the constant pull of the lake to draw us away when we think we have a few moments)

7. B&B’s are not for business traveler’s. FALSE

A B&B may be just what you need. We’re not cookie-cutter, offer a variety of breakfasts, have Wi-Fi and office equipment available and can get you away from the stresses of travel and the hustle-bustle after a long day.


What else should you know?

Reservations are important. Both to ensure that if you have any special needs they can be met, and to guarantee room availability especially at times of festivals and special events in the local area.

Be sure to let the B&B know in advance of any special dietary needs or restrictions you may have. Most needs can be met fairly easily, but there is no guarantee the right ingredients will be on the shelf in the pantry.

You won’t be ordering breakfast off a menu. We offer a continental breakfast as well as a full hot breakfast everyday. But the menu is determined by the season, availability and the adventurous spirit of the “cook of the day”.

Check all policies before you make your reservation. You don’t want to find out Fido is not welcome as you’re driving in, and will have now incurred a cancellation fee.

Don’t just show up with small children. Check those policies. B&B’s can individualize in many areas, but some issues are are governed by state regulation and industry norms. Numbers of beds and numbers of people (kids are people too) are one of those.

If you have local family or friends they may visit you here, but we are only licensed and insured to serve food or provide recreational equipment to our lodging guests. We also ask that you respect the privacy and personal space of other guests at the inn.  If someone is here for a romantic get-away, they may not appreciate a family reunion on the beach. We do require that only registered guests are on the property between 10:00 p.m. and  7:00 a.m. As a courtesy, please let us know if you will have other guests visiting.

Always let the innkeepers know if anything was unsatisfactory.  We’re striving to do our best and are always working to provide the best service possible.

Questions? Contact us!